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You probably don’t understand Unicode

by jreilly on Dec.09, 2009, under Programming

Joel Spolsky fixes that:


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Die Hard 2 in HD is hilarious

by jreilly on Dec.07, 2009, under Movies

Not only does HD make new movies and shows better, it makes older movies from the pre-HD era even more awesome. Case in point, one of my favorites: Die Hard 2. Director Renny Harlin probably never expected that this scene would be seen in such clarity. These images are from a 30 second sequence where a terrorist on top of some scaffolding falls and is crushed by said scaffold. A tense and brutal scene when viewed in standard definition turns into something else when viewed in HD: (continue reading…)

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SQL “Contains All” Query

by admin on Dec.01, 2009, under SQL

Problem: You want to return a set of employees that have all of the necessary skills to perform a particular task. A generalization of this would be something like, “return the objects in set A which contain all of the properties of a chosen item of set B”.

You have a table of Employees and a table of Tasks. Both make use of a common Skills table. The Employee table is linked to the Skills table by the table EmployeeHasSkill. The Task table is linked to the Skills table by TaskRequiresSkill. (continue reading…)

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